Europareise 2004

Proposed Itinerary

Although it is still in the beginning stages, the trip I am planning for June, 2004, will be a little different than the last two I have taken.  Because of the overwhelming interest (and value!) in a host stay with families, I am definitely planning to include one or two again.  The ideal plan at this point, I believe, will include more of a Eastern Germany and Eastern Europe trip, getting a different flavor of the German-speaking world.

I would like to start the trip in Berlin, staying with families in the North and former East Germany for 3-4 days. Then we would see Dresden or Leipzig before traveling to other former Eastern Block areas including Prague in the Czech Republic.  The plus of seeing these historical areas is that their second language is German.  We will be able to converse, using our second-language skills, as well.  Coming back to Germany, we will see the culturally famous South, staying for 4-5 days with a second host family, and taking day trips to sights such as Munich, Nuremburg, and the famous Ludwig castles.

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